Activity duration

2 days tour, flight duration: “Top Gun” manoeuvers – 25 min.; exclusive flight to the stratosphere and combine supersonic aerobatics with Edge of Space with MIG 31-45 min.


During the first day, you will have a medical examination, then full day training. During the second day – flight with MIG 29 or MIG 31.

The MIG-29 (NATO code “Fulcrum”)

One of the most advanced combat airplanes in the Russian Air Force representing 4th generation jet fighter aircraft. It was designed for gaining an air superiority role in the Soviet Union during the early 80s. It has become the first aircraft in the world, of this class, combining unsurpassed efficiency in agility (dog-fights) and enemy attack using middle and short range missiles. While designing the MiG-29, numerous modification capabilities for aircraft improvement were built into its initial structure, which has made it possible to modify and add a large number of changes, thus enhancing an already impressive and powerful fighter jet.

The MIG-31 (NATO code “Foxhound”)

An aircraft designed for intercepting and destroying high and low- altitude targets in forward and rear hemispheres in up-look and down-look, VMC and IMC, day and night, in the passive and active jamming environment of the enemy. Has a multiple-target engagement capability and was the first Soviet fighter to have a true look-down, shoot-down capability. It was the MIG 31 in which, the impressive, new N007 Zaslon radar – the first electronically scanned phased array radar – entered service in the world. It could track 10 targets simultaneously as well as scan 200 km forward.



Exclusive private guided Tour to the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Grand Kremlin Palace, the Moscow residence of the royal family, was the Tsars’ Residence in Moscow and was built in 1838-1849 on the orders of Emperor Nicholas I by a group of Russian architects under the supervision of Konstantin A. Ton.

Its five ceremonial reception halls, the Andrew, Alexander, Vladimir, Georgy and Catherine halls are named after Russian orders. The interior was conceived as a monument to Russia’s history and military glory.

Its interiors are lavishly furnished and there are four great halls named after the four senior Russian military orders. The palace complex included the Faceted Chamber (the XV century), the Golden Tsarina’s Chamber (the XVI century), the Terem Palace (the XVII century) and the palatial home churches.

During the guided tour to the oldest part of Moscow – Kremlin you will visit 3 churches, Armory Chamber, which contains over 50000 exhibits, and it is increasing with the new gifts of other counties being presented to the Russian Federation, Diamond’s fond – one of the most valuable collection of gems and regalia in the world is represented here.

The Terem, which was built in 12 century and became the official residence of the Russian President, is closed for public and only official guests of the Russian President and clients of BEST in LIFE are being taken for the tour.



“Stalin’s Bunker” creation took place in the “thirties” of the last century. It was a part of the State program, and it had to provide a defensive capability of the country. The “thirties” is characterized in the Human history as an early beginning of The Second World War. Most of the events of that period have been political estimations, historical facts, which were a state secret and are still unknown for the history.

We offer you an exclusive tour of Stalin’s Bunker, which was connected by secret passages to the centre of Moscow, the KGB Headquarters and the Kremlin. There, you will visit Joseph Stalin work cabinet, rooms of the military service and security, general’s room (high command room), the session hall of the supreme command chief of the Red Army, and displays of World War II artifacts as well as Stalin’s private belongings. After touring the bunker, we may dine in a Georgian restaurant, occupying one of the bunker rooms.



We offer you to take a wonderful trip to the most unusual and mysterious place in Moscow. We invite you to visit a Secured Command Post «Tagansky», which was created on the basis of a secret signal office centre of the past. Personal guide will lead you through the secret tunnels; you will see samples of arming and communication equipment. Furthermore, you have a great chance to watch a documentary movie about The Cold War epoch.

We offer our guests to have a fascinating journey. After going down on a speed elevator to the depth of 65 meters (equals to the height of 22-stores building), you will find yourself inside one of the most restricted military objects of the USSR – Secured Command Post «Taganskiy» (GO-42). We show the most unusual and mysterious places. You will listen to the history of SCP «Taganskiy» and it’s place in the Cold War and will receive the answers to all your questions.

It is a real opportunity to see the great underground site in the most unusual view and to feel the spirit of 20 century in all its historical and artistic variety.

Construction of SCP «Taganskiy» started in 1951. 5 years later in 1956, an enormously object ranging 7000 m2 was approved by governmental authorities. Department for National Security of the USSR took the object under its strict control in order to provide round-the-clock communication for the leaders of the state in case of nuclear attack. Each day 2.500 workers on this object supported the proper functioning of the telephone and telegraph communication of the country.

There you will have an exclusive opportunity to get familiar with Soviet armament and communication facilities of the «Cold War» that will undoubtedly capture your attention.

Unforgettable tour through the tunnels and halls of the secured post of SCP «Taganskiy» is waiting for you.




Moscow Underground is the “underground palace” of Moscow. During KGB metro tour by Moscow underground, which is not only the most accessible and convenient transport, but also a unique underground museum, you will hear interesting facts from the history of Moscow Metro and visit the most fascinating design and the most beautiful stations. The stations are like luxurious palaces and they are breath taking in the originality of their architecture, sculptures and mosaics. It makes the Moscow’s Metro one of the most interesting tourist routes.

With over 150 stations throughout the city, the Moscow Metro is an unparalleled example of human idea. Refreshingly free of graffiti, some of these beautifully constructed stations, are frescoed faced by natural stone materials, including semi-precious stones pink rodonite, onyx, pink, white, red and black marble and they even have some works of art. The metro is cheap, easy to use and by far the quickest way to manoeuver around the city.

The vaulting of the central hall supported by lovely stainless steel and red marble columns of “Mayakovskaya” station has 33 mosaics executed to cartoons by famous Russian artist Alexander Deineka. The theme of all mosaics is called “One Day of Soviet Skies”.

Other notable stations Ploshchad Revolyutsii, where the passageway arches are supported by vivid sculptures of Red Army soldiers, and Kropotkinskaya Station, with its elegant columned platform and upper galleries.

Your group is divided into mini-groups. Number of mini group will depend on the total number of guests in the group. Each group will have their own private guide. All participants will get maps in Russian language and tasks to visit several metro-stations, find there “men” in black, answer their questions and meet few points of interest. Those, who cover the route first, and give the most correct answers to the questions, will be the winners. The winners will be awarded with symbolic gifts during dinner.



We have the honour to represent you the exclusive excursion program “Tour to the Star City” in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

The Star City is located 25 km to the east from Moscow. Cosmonaut Training Center and Flights Management Center – military object and close to the public place with special training equipment such as the world’s largest Centrifuge, used for training and medical examinations of cosmonauts in conditions of simulated G-loads, the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and Space Station “ MIR” (The “World”).

During one day tour to Star City, you will get complete information about cosmonauts training exercise, about Star City and of cause about all flights to the space.

Spacemen training starting from the first cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin up to modern Space tourists takes place in Cosmonaut Training Center. The Cosmonaut Training Center houses all various complex equipment needed for training men for space flights. At special water-pool is simulating conditions of weightlessness for future cosmonauts using the water immersion technique. The gigantic centrifuge has a building all to itself.

You will visit the museum by the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center where you will see; real documents, training techniques, flight equipment and clothes of cosmonauts, there are personal belongings, instruments, device and equipment, national flags, the pennant designer by Pilot-Cosmonaut, medals, cosmonauts’ gifts, and also see documentary film about the life of the first group of cosmonauts of planet.

In the Flights Management Center, guests will have the unique opportunity to see the moving satellite on orbit and possibly even on-line spacemen report.

Best in Life can offer you possibility to try the real cosmonaut food in special shaped tube and to try yourself at various cosmonauts’ uniform.


Contact us now if you have any questions – we will be more than happy to help and discuss your requirements.

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