Best in Life introduce “undiscovered” Russia to the World and create experiences that clients will not be able to have in Russia on their own. We are different by being creative!
Russia as an incentive destination provides truly unique opportunities. Best in Life’ DMC programs are designed to reward people who desire it.
Explore Russia and FIFA World Cup 2018 with Best in Life


Russia, the world’s largest country, spans two continents and nine time zones and offers a unique and exciting country to visit with surprises and history at every turn. Closed to visitation for many years, the dissolution of the Soviet Union has brought about the opening of a land with an array of exciting and ancient cultures.
Containing 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites (and more on the tentative list), Russia offers a rich cultural heritage and great natural variety – and being so large and diverse, there are many different foods and places to enjoy.


The historic capital city of Russia is located on the banks of the Moskva River and at its centre is The Kremlin, a city within a city and Red Square. Hundreds of churches and cathedrals, theatres, restaurants and more will keep you enthralled.


It is the political, economic, commercial and cultural centre. It was founded in 1.147 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. In the 15th century, Moscow included several districts – the Kremlin, Pasad, Zagorod and Zamoskvorechye. In the 16th century under Ivan the Terrible Moscow has become the capital of Russia. Even though Peter the Great moved the capital to Saint Petersburg in 1712, Moscow remained the heart of Russia. After the October revolution of 1917, Moscow became the capital again. In our days, Moscow is one of the largest cities of Europe. Total area is about nine hundred square kilometres. The population of the city is about 18 million. Moscow is the seat of the Russian Parliament (the Duma) and the centre of political life of the country.



Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The hart of Moscow is the world-famous Red Square. The main places of interest are Kremlin Tower, Spasskaya Tower, which has become the symbols of the country. Keeping in mind a great spirit of their first ancestors, first Muscovites put a lot of love into their own town and we still see and feel that spirit in soar golden domes of churches and wall and towers of Kremlin. There are beautiful palaces, old mentions, cathedrals, museums, churches and theatres in Moscow. The image of Moscow and its infrastructure make it contemporary European city. Dozens of new shops and boutiques of world famous brands are located in comfortable shopping centres. Beautiful embankments, modern streets and avenues, cathedrals and park ensembles are all aspects of modern Moscow. Every day there are more than 1 million visitors in Moscow, large part of that are tourists.



Saint Petersburg is the Northern Venice of Russia and one of the most beautiful cities of the world.


The history of the city begun in 1703 when Peter the Great founded the Saint Peter and Paul Fortress on Zayachiy (Here) island in the Delta of the river Neva. The fortress is known as never defeated in the course of Northern war and in the later history. Saint Petersburg is relatively young if judged by the European and Russian standards.

Since the early days, it was always a city of myth and mystery. You can hardly find a younger city which is wrapped in legends and stories in such a unique Saint Petersburg way.

Saint Petersburg was built according to the general plan along the marshy banks of the Neva river which may be considered the main “street” of the city, dividing it into two parts: Northern and Southern.; and forming numerous islands with fascinating embankments and bridges in its delta.

42 islands – 65 rivers & 420 bridges

The city of Saint Petersburg lies on 42 islands divided by 65 rivers and canals and adjoined by 420 bridges, 12 of which are drawn bridges. It is the city of unique architectural ensembles such as the Palace Square, the Square of Arts, Saint Isaac’s Square, Theatre Square, Ostrovskiy Square, Field of Mars and Summer Garden, Peters- and Paul fortress and the ensemble of Basil Island. The city’s architecture makes it the most European Russian city.

Saint Petersburg is only 300 years old

The city is young, it is only 300 years old, but its history is overwhelming. For 200 years, from 1712 Saint Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire. The city also changed name several times. When the First World War began in 1914, the German sounding name Saint Petersburg was changed to Petrograd. After the October revolution of 1917 the city was renamed after Lenin and became Leningrad. The historical name returned to the city after the referendum of 1991, when the city became Saint Petersburg again.

Saint Petersburg today

In our days Saint Petersburg is occupying the territory of more than 600 sq. km. and having the population of more the 5 million people. It is the second largest scientific, educational and industrial centre of Russia. The idea of Peter the Great about making Saint Petersburg the largest Russian Port is a reality in our days. Many important waterways cross in Saint Petersburg including the White Sea Cannel and the Volga- Baltic Channel, which links the Volga River with the Caspian Sea.

A popular travel destination

Today’s Saint Petersburg is a popular travel destination with the 12 monuments of global importance, and the city itself is included on the list of UNESCO. Regardless of the season, whenever the trip to Saint Petersburg is planned, there are sure to be some of annual big events for guests to enjoy – musical Festivals of Hot Art Billons, Formula 1 boat racing and Art festivals. Saint Petersburg is the city of traditional hospitality where your stay in any season will be unforgettable.

Private Events Russia

The last ten years have brought many changes to the Russian entertainment scene. Moscow and Saint Petersburg have witnessed the opening of many five star restaurants and designer boutiques, many historical buildings have been restored and now invite guests to feel the atmosphere of the past magnificence. The cafe and bar scene has also expanded to include many stylish new venues catering to a diverse range of tastes.

The unique venues of Moscow and Saint Petersburg offer a wide range of interiors from Russian Tsar’s life style experience and Catherine’s Palace in Tsarskoe Selo, Grand Peter’s Palace at Prershoff or Yusupov’s Palace up to Soviet style vents at the Governmental Dachas. All these places can be decorated with candles, ice sculptures and floral arrangements.

We offer a unique opportunity to fill the atmosphere of magical, romantic, glamorous Russian Masquerade balls. Masks, feathers, mirrors, waltz, as well as buffet-style dinner, and a lot more – you will find yourself both at a ball of Pushkin and Tolstoy’s era, and at a glamorous, modern society event.

Cooperated service Russia

One of the best ways of rewarding employees, who have successfully met the business objects, is through incentive travel. Russia as an incentive destination provides truly unique opportunities. Best in Life’ DMC programs are designed to reward people who desire it. Our incentive opportunities include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • VIP meeting and departure services at the airports
  • Product launches and corporate presentations
  • Tailor-made special interest Tours
  • Private receptions and performances at historical venues
  • Team building activities
  • Military day out & Tank Riding
  • Matreshka painting Master Class
  • Vodka & Caviar tasting
  • KGB Metro Tour
  • Tour to Star City
  • Visit to vodka distillery
  • Boat tours and boat parties

And much more…

Our job is to help your clients to spend quality time in Russia outside of their business environment and to make their experience memorable!

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